COVID-19 Remote Work Just Broke Your Processes

Here’s What To Do About It

Processes That Were Just Inefficient Last Month Don’t Work At All Today

by Rob Koplowitz, John R. Rymer, and Margo Visitacion

If your business was unprepared to handle the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, you are not alone. Today, many organisations are dealing with a remote workforce that doesn’t necessarily have the proper tools or processes in place to maintain operational efficiency. Companies are struggling to restore and optimise manual processes that lack the flexibility needed to adapt to this new normal.

The new report, COVID-19 Remote Work Just Broke Your Processes, Forrester Research, outlines how companies can learn to mitigate the current business disruptions and set a foundation for faster, more agile process automation going forward. In this free report, you will learn:
  • Best practices for managing a remote workforce
  • How to mitigate current business disruptions
  • How to restore operations with aggressive process automation
  • Tactical steps your business can take post-COVID to help you achieve strategic goals

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