Streamline Your Matter Management Process From Intake to Settlement

May 14, 2020

1-1:30pm EDT

Ready To Solve Your Intake Process Challenges

Reviewing leads, onboarding new clients, and managing matter information is time-intensive but important. How effective is your existing process today?

Do you have one dashboard that provides a holistic view of your organizational data?

Join our 30-minute virtual discussion as we share key insights that will transform your matter and case management process, streamline your firm's intake process and save you time and money.
  • Explore matterPRO, built by Method Automation and powered by the K2 intelligent automation platform
  • Preview configurable matter management intake tools
  • Review the conflict check module
If you are looking to streamline your day-to-day tasks that consume your legal team's precious time and resources, join the discussion to learn more.  


Meet the Speakers

Amy Cyprych
CEO at Method Automation

Amy is a passionate servant leader with over 18 years’ experience leveraging people, processes, and technology to drive business forward. Prior to joining Method Automation, Amy held a variety of leadership roles at Highmark, Inc., a large integrated care and delivery system in Pittsburgh. Her innovative and strategic perspective, combined with her talent for creating empowered teams through servant leadership principles, makes her a great fit for the Method Automation team. 

Brian Anderson
Director of Business Development at Method Automation

Brian is a client-focused sales and marketing professional with over 24 years of experience in software, advertising, and digital media & software Sales. His dedication to fully understanding his clients’ needs, combined with his understanding of Method Automation’s services and solutions, enable him to build strong relationships across many industries. Brian’s focus on collaboration and partnership drives his approach to business development. He continually seeks mutually beneficial opportunities for clients and partners of Method Automation Services. 

Goldie Fisher
Senior Bubblyst, K2

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