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COVID-19 Just Accelerated Your Road to Automation

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June 30, 2020

1:00pm ET | 10:00am PT

The Topic

COVID-19 has exposed massive process inefficiencies. As remote became an imperative, many manual and paper-based processes simply stopped working. The result? Customers, citizens, patients and employees left hanging in a time of great need. But, the crisis simply exposed and accelerated a trend we already knew well and understood.

Forrester data indicates that process automation was a strategic initiative for many organizations before COVID and remains so after.  Organizations that embrace and leverage wide-scale automation will thrive with the ability to react and adapt quickly. With that in mind, COVID is not only a crisis, but a wake up call to make process automation, low-code development and embracing the cloud at scale an integral part of your business strategy.

Join David Kroll, Senior Product Marketing Manager, K2 and guest speaker Rob Koplowitz, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester June 30th at 10am PST where we will discuss how to prepare your organization for this coming reality. During the session you'll learn about:

  • How the current COVID-19 pandemic is creating the need to digitize manual processes.
  • How to rank and prioritize processes for digitization efforts.
  • Why they should strategically leverage a tool for restoring operations.
  • The types of technologies that are available to help them bridge the gap.
  • How to apply a DPA platform aggressively to automate processes and insulate your business.
Method Automation and K2
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Meet the Speakers

Rob Koplowitz
VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Rob returns to Forrester after leading IBM’s strategy for integrating Watson into the company’s collaboration services. Rob brings many years of experience in enterprise software consulting, product marketing, product management, and strategy. Prior to IBM, he was a vice president, principal analyst with Forrester where he was a leader in collaboration and enterprise social research. Before that, he was a director of product management with Microsoft, where he played a strategic role with Duet, a joint initiative brought to market with SAP. Prior to Microsoft, Rob was a senior director of product marketing with Oracle, where he focused on Oracle’s content, collaboration, portal, and business intelligence offerings. He also spent 15 years in consulting working for Lotus/IBM and other global software services firms with a focus on corporate collaboration.  Rob’s research at Forrester focuses on digital process automation as well as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. 

David Kroll
Senior Product Marketing Manager, K2

David loves diving into cutting-edge technologies and aligning them to practical use-cases.  David has over 10 years of experience automating business processes with the K2 platform – he has worked as an analyst, developer, and architect for current K2 customers and partners.  Some of the processes David has successfully digitized include:  Manufacturing Change Management, IT Change Management, Master Data Management, Internal Auditing, Shipping and Receiving, and Capital Expenditures – with each solution delivering tremendous value and time-savings across the organization.


Goldie Fisher
Senior Bubblyst, K2

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