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Automating human-based processes 

Whether you’re a healthcare provider managing complex patient-to-provider interactions, a lawyer filing claims, or an oil and gas company monitoring high-risk and safety situations daily, dealing with complicated business issues is just part of the job. You have to deliver excellent service and, simultaneously, help your business be as efficient as possible. Efficiency and effectiveness have never been more important – but in a post-pandemic world, work environments aren't always set up in a way that helps.

In digitizing their operations, key business actions and decisions rely on exploration efforts which is driving automation – starting with the automation of dealing with simple customer or employee inquiries, as well as routine request servicing (in areas like account opening, financial processing, change of address processing, and so on). However some business activities involve work that cannot be easily specified or prescribed in advance. To address a request or an issue, experts must use their knowledge, perhaps combined with written corporate policies or guidance in knowledge articles to explore the issue at hand and resolve it effectively.

Case Management tools and platforms are tailor-made to help organizations meet the requirements of complicated knowledge work, even as work environments become more distributed and the need to digitize becomes critical. In this webinar, IDC will explain the role that case management plays, and how new technologies are opening up new frontiers in case management effectiveness in hot spots of exploratory work such as; IT, Customer Service and Support, Sales/Distribution and more. 

IDC will share ways your business can have flexible, scalable and powerful case management solutions that enable not just a continually transforming work paradigm, but intelligent capabilities to allow for better ROI through increased productivity, efficiency and speed to value. If you are currently feeling the limitations of your legacy solutions, manual case management processes, or are seeing business continuity issues post-pandemic, attend this webinar.

Meet the Speakers

Neil Ward-Dutton
VP, AI and Intelligent Process Automation European Practices, IDC

Prior to joining IDC, Neil was Founder and Research Director of MWD Advisors, a technology advisory firm focusing on digital technologies and their impacts on business. Neil is recognised as one of Europe’s most experienced and high-profile technology industry analysts and has regularly appeared on TV and in print media over his 20-year industry analyst career as well as authoring over 10 books on IT and business strategy.

Neil initially studied and trained as a software engineer and holds a BSc in Computer Software Technology from the University of Bath. He is also a Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce).

Holly Anderson
Senior Director, Product Marketing, Nintex

Holly is at the forefront of connecting with customers to help ensure their investments in digital process automation software from Nintex, including K2 products, meet their business objectives while serving as the conduit into upcoming product release news.  She has been in the IT and process automation industry for more than 20 years, working in various technical consulting roles before joining K2 in 2006 and most recently Nintex in October 2020, following the company's acquisition of K2 Software, Inc.

Goldie Fisher
Senior Bubblyst, K2

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