K2 and Microsoft PowerApps: When and Why

The Topic

There have been many questions surrounding how PowerApps, Microsoft’s service for building and using custom business apps, and differs from K2 business applications. Join Richard Theodore, Sr. Technical Specialist, for the live webinar on February 20 and learn how:

  • PowerApps differs from K2 business apps
  • What the main benefits from using K2 to build business apps are
  • How PowerApps and K2 can work together

Join us for part two of this three-part series on how the Microsoft Power Platform differs from K2 and when and why you would use Microsoft services or K2’s process automation platform to create the business solutions you need. Register to sign up for the webinar!

Meet the Speakers

Richard Theodore
Senior Technical Specialist, K2

Richard Theodore has been a strategic advisor for over fifteen years to organizations aiming to achieve digital transformation using emerging technologies such as intelligent process automation, cloud migration, robotic process automation, cognitive services, and more. His expertise lies in building out product demonstrations and solution proof of concepts across a variety of areas: DPA, CRM, ERP, ECM, RPA, BI, SaaS, IaaS, and more.

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